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Kilkelly Farm
Linda J. Cowasjee
9376 Briar Lane
Delaplane, VA 201

Telephone:    540-364-3833
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Windermere Jack Russell Terriers



1994 Grey gelding, Registered Irish Draught, 16.3 hh
Townrath Pride ¨C Heather Blosem by Laughton¡¯s Flight



Hennesey competing at Upperville

Pato Muerte competing Hennesey
at the 2003 IDHSNA Annual Show

Opening Meet with the Piedmont Foxhounds

         Reserve Champion at 2004 North American Foxhunter Championships

2004 IDSHNA National Show

Hennesey and Linda, Piedmont
Opening Meet, 2007


It was only by an incredible twist of fate that Henny became mine. A friend called me one day to explain she was having back surgery and wouldn¡¯t be able to ride until early that December. Did I want Henny for the fall and early winter¡¯s hunting? Without a moment¡¯s hesitation, I said yes as I¡¯d seen Henny a few times and had thought often of him. He arrived soon afterwards and the first time I rode him all I could say was ¡°Wow¡±! I have been privileged to own several really good horses in my life. But now, this was some horse! Not only was he an incredible mover and jumper; he was so careful and safe that I felt I could really just ride and totally enjoy myself. I no longer worried if my horse was going to make a mistake. No fence was too big or trappy and nothing fazed him. Henny was uncomplicated and just a pure pleasure to have around. We soon were hunting regularly with the Piedmont Foxhounds and I began to dread that phone call from Patti, telling me she was ready to take Henny back. Patti¡¯s call came early in December. She¡¯d just been to her doctor and he¡¯d told her that her back hadn¡¯t healed properly and she tearfully asked if I was interested in buying Hennesey. Again, without hesitation I said yes, and he and I have been inseparable ever since!

Hennesey is 16.3 hh and was imported from Ireland as a six year old. Hennesey has just the right balance of attractiveness, personality, talent and safety. I think Hennesey is an ideal ambassador for the Irish Draught. His incredible presence and good looks, combined with his talent and remarkable ability in many fields, coupled with his complete willingness to tote around a complete amateur like me make him a horse of a lifetime.



Townrath Pride
(IHR 35807)
Pride of Shaunlara(RID 636)
Townrath Rose
(RID 10182)
Heather Blosem(AID 1941992) Laughton's Flight
unnamed 694




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