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Kilkelly Farm
Linda & Rustom Cowasjee
9376 Briar Lane
Delaplane, VA 20144

Telephone:    540-364-3833
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Mobile: (540) 270-7225
Email: KilkellyFarm@aol.com

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barn_fade.jpg (19088 bytes) Welcome to Kilkelly Farm

   Situated in the very heart of Virginia horse country between Middleburg, Upperville and Warrenton, we are lucky enough to have the best facilities and a wealth of knowledge at our convenient disposal. Scores of Olympic riders and coaches, such as Karen & David O’Connor, Jimmy Wofford, Leslie Law, and Joe Fargis live here. All of these riding legends earned their medals on Irish horses. There are also many state of the art medical and training facilities in the area which help us keep up to date on the latest scientific practices and recommendations in nutrition, genetics, veterinary care and agricultural management. These factors have proved an invaluable aid in the training, conditioning and care our horses receive.

       We breed and produce purebred Irish Draught and Irish Draught Sports Horses at Kilkelly Farm. Our goal is to produce horses of the highest quality, with excellent conformation and superb athletic ability combined with that distinctive, kind and sensible ID temperament. We take great pride in our horses’ many accomplishments and we are truly dedicated to the breed and strive to further promote them in the USA. We have a few exceptional young horses for sale at all times; suitable for high level eventing, show jumping & foxhunting. Virginiatail.jpg (15817 bytes)
      In the past, it has been necessary to travel to Ireland to find quality Irish draught and Irish Sport Horses. And to import them has always been at considerable expense and trouble to a potential buyer. It is now possible to breed or purchase top class Irish horses with impeccable bloodlines here in the United States. The Irish horse has been bred to excel in every equestrian sphere, from showjumping, eventing and hunting, to dressage and driving. Ireland has consistently produced world-class horses, and it is our aim to bring the same superior standard of breeding, and exceptional training to the USA.

Virginiaeye.jpg (16395 bytes)        Increasingly, people who are looking for trainability, talent, soundness, power and a close relationship with their horse are turning to Irish horses. Often it is the all round versatility of the breed that initially interests people, but it is the delightful temperament that makes it impossible to live without one thereafter.



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