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The name Irish Draught may initially be misleading in that
many people are surprised to find that the breed is a lighter,
free-moving more elegant animal than the traditional images
of the heavy horse. While having the strength and placid
temperament of the working horse, the Irish Draught is
not a "draft" horse in the usual sense of that word.

      Traditionally, Irish farms are smaller in acreage and more
varied in production than elsewhere. The Irish Draught was
the farm horse in Ireland and it also had to be capable of
keeping up with the hunt. The horse had to be docile,
strong and economical to keep.

    Irish horses are distinguished by their development of bone, and for their clean, correct conformation. They appear to have more guts than many of the foreign breeds, but that is really just natural talent and ability. That ability is what has singled out the Irish horse and made it into one of the country’s best regarded exports.

      One of the greatest contributions of the Irish Draught to the horse world has been as the foundation in breeding the traditional, and still great, Irish hunter. Today the Irish Draught is sought after for it’s breeding qualities, being used more and more to get extra bone and substance in the progeny of the lighter type mare. When crossed with the thoroughbred, the Irish Draught is the basic ingredient of the Irish Sports Horse.

      This highly successful cross has the heart, athleticism and keen intelligence of the Thoroughbred, coupled with the calm, sensible temperament from their Irish Draught blood. They are well known for their great durability, soundness, stamina and strength together with elegance and looks.

     The Irish Sport horse has a tremendous gallop with plenty of speed, exceptional jumping talent, and has been bred for centuries to run and jump and go across the countryside.

      These horses have acquired a justified reputation for performance and soundness and is currently found in a large proportion in top class competition horses in a wide range of disciplines, including dressage, show jumping and eventing.

      Horses of Irish Draught decent have been valued for centuries as hunters. However, their excellent temperaments also make them invaluable for amateur, nervous or novice riders.

      The even temperament, durability and athleticism of the Irish Draught, upgraded in crosses with the thoroughbred, has created a potent mix which is well up to the demands of modern day competition. This has been well proven with such horses as Cruising, Custom Made, Moon Man, Mill Pearl, Ado Annie, Star Appeal and Giltedge. The Irish Sport Horse truly reigned supreme at the 2002 Badminton Horse Trials, with Supreme Rock taking first place honors, followed by Shear H20 finishing third. Supreme Rock repeated at the winner in 2003! The Irish Horse has been bred to excel in every sphere, as well as to bring pleasure and enjoyment to all who rely and take pleasure from their horses. Could you ask for more?


SupremeRockjumptruck.jpg (56021 bytes)   Supreme Rock:
Winner 2002 Badminton ****

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Cruising, ISH
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Western Sun, RID
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Blue Peter, RID

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